Marketing is, as defined by the American Marketing Association (AMA), “the activity, set of institutions and processes of creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offers that have value to customers, clients, partners and society as a whole ”. Businesses use many different ways to promote their products or services and reach consumers. Nowadays, some of the most common strategies used by companies to convey knowledge of their products to the consumer include using advertisements placed in sporting events, recruiting the most notable athletes in the sport to promote their brand, and the use of advertising during the broadcasting of sporting events.

Sport has a lot of fans and people who play sport as a hobby. Some supporters attend the stadium every match to support and encourage their teams or players in individual sports. Marketers saw the popularity of sports among people as an opportunity to promote their brands and products. We can see it in events like Sony Ericsson Tennis Tournament, Spanish Soccer League BBVA Bank and English Soccer Barclays Premier League. These companies support these events by sponsoring in exchange for the use of the company name on the event. This is a very good strategy because they are able to educate customers; people who attend the games will see mass advertisements of all the brands and names sponsoring the event that surrounds them wherever they go.

Another strategy that marketers use to promote their products is to hire the most famous athletes. These athletes sign multi-million dollar contracts to use their products and word-of-mouth to customers; the brand or product does not have to be sports related. Some examples of this method of marketing are tennis player Roger Federer, some of his signings are with companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Nationale Suisse Bank and Gillette; and the two most famous soccer players of the moment Lionel Messi (FC Barcelona) and Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid), some of their contracts include companies such as Adidas, Nike, Armani Exchange and Herbalife. One advantage of having star athletes to promote a product is the great credibility they create among sports fans when they see their favorite athletes promoting and giving testimonials about a product or brand. This marketing method also helps educate consumers about fans who regularly watch their favorite sports teams and players.

Finally, another strategy well known to marketers is the use of television advertisements when showing sporting events. Thanks to advances in communication technology, sporting events can now be broadcast and watched all over the world. This creates a win-win situation as sports teams are now able to reach new fans all over the world and marketers can reach more consumers for their products through the advertisements shown on television with both the advertisements placed on courts and courts and advertisements broadcast on television during breaks and downtime.

The use of sports teams and professional athletes as a means of marketing and advertising products continues to grow. Today we see different brands and products advertised in every sport we watch. Whether the brand is sports-related or not, companies are able to sell their products and improve the lives of their customers through the value their products bring. On the other hand, sport does not only bring passion and emotions to people; they bring them together in harmony and improve the quality of life of the communities where they are present.

Source by Sebastian Munoz

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