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After investing millions of euros in podcast production in the USA as in Europe, Spotify is seriously studying how to recoup its costs: surveys commissioned by the Swedish firm highlight new monthly subscriptions.

Spotted by a journalist from Variety, these “premium” podcast subscription studies come in several prices. The cheapest would be $ 3 / month for an offer providing access to ” exclusive interviews and episodes », But with advertisements. The most expensive would be $ 8 / month and would offer “ original and high-end content Without ads.

However, these two formulas would not include access to Spotify’s music catalog. This contrasts with the current situation, where access to podcasts produced or purchased at a loss by Spotify is available to premium users of the music service.

Spotify has communicated on this subject that “ the company frequently conducts surveys in an effort to improve our user experience “, Adding that the company did not yet” no news to share about our future plans “.

While it is obvious that this is just a survey of the potential market at the moment, Spotify is necessarily considering turning its podcasts into a source of revenue. On the one hand to make a return on its heavy investment in the field, on the other hand because it would allow it to reduce its dependence on music, an area in which the company pays most of it to rights holders.

Source : The Verge

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