Steel lockers made by hard-working Americans


I’m a pretty patriotic guy. I like football. Football. I love baseball, this all-American game watched by millions of people every summer. I love basketball, the sport we invented.

But for me, my love of sports only scratches the surface of my patriotism. I love looking inside my shoe and reading this “Made in America” label. I don’t think too many of my shoes say that. I love seeing that red, white and blue “Made in USA” badge on a product. It tells me that some hard working Americans have devoted their time and effort to making this product.

As I am very much in lockers with my hobby and my profession, I want to share with you one of my dreams. Someday I want to see the schools, gymnasiums, hospitals, fire stations, locker rooms and classrooms in this country fitted with lockers that tell a story.

The story of hard work

People are working hard all over the world, not just in America. However, America is a country that was built on hard work and hard-working pioneers, pilgrims, and patriots. From freed slaves to farmers, the fabric of the country has been formed through hard work. Only hard work can keep our country afloat. Building steel lockers is hard work. A company that hands these honest jobs to honest Americans is a company whose records tell a story dating back over two hundred years.

The story of quality

Too many times I have bought a cheap item and seen it literally disintegrate after a few uses. Whenever possible, I buy American made items because of the quality I am confident I can get. When it comes to lockers, I’m no different. Maybe it’s because I’m picky and know a good record when I see one. However, I want to see more metal lockers with “Made in America” ​​boldly printed on them. It tells me that there is a group of hard working people in a warehouse or a fabrication shop who take pride in what they do. It shows in the product they make. It tells a story.

America’s history

Americans can still make stuff. And we can do it pretty well. I am not absolutely opposed to buying something that has been brought on a boat from somewhere else. But it’s kind of special and fair to know that the money I spend goes to a hard working American and his family. It is reassuring to realize that the economy we are working so hard to save is improving a bit because I just bought “Made in America”. I like knowing that there are Americans who work hard and earn honest money because an entrepreneur had the audacity to go follow the American dream.

That’s why I love lockers that tell a story.

It is patriotism.

Source by Scott Duglase


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