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WeChat, saved again. The app can continue to be distributed by Apple and Android app stores on US soil. It is once again the judge of the court of San Francisco – Laurel Beeler – who felt there was no reason to ban the app.

According to her, the evidence brought by the Trump administration is still not sufficient and does not clearly show what to use WeChat constitutes a ” threatens the interests of the country or represents a risk to national security. “

WeChat is highly appreciated by users (regardless of nationality) who have business contacts or family in China, where the app is one of the most used in the world and one of the few authorized by the Chinese government on its territory.

This app is said to be used by 19 million Americans today to chat, make microtransactions or use local services associated with the platform. ” This is just speculation. The government is trying by all means to ban a widely acclaimed means of communication, without valid reason Say several supporters of the platform.

The reaction from representatives of the Trump administration was quick. They appealed against the judge’s decision to a higher court with jurisdiction over the matter. No way WeChat goes through the cracks, like TikTok knew how to do it.

Source: Reuters

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