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Huge success for the fourth edition of ZEvent, the annual meeting of the most famous streamers in France. Started late Friday afternoon, the event, which took place in Montpellier despite the Covid-19, ended at 1 a.m. on the night from Sunday to Monday, after a marathon of more than 50 hours streaming.

In total, the mobilization of the streamers made it possible to collect 5,724,377 euros in donations for the NGO. ” Thank you all for your mobilization. Thank you all for your trust. Thank you all for your energy. See you at # ZEVENT2021 …? », Launched its organizers on the Twitter account of the event.

The event again smashed its donation record. Last year, ZEvent brought in more than 3.5 million to the Institut Pasteur. The previous editions had made it possible to donate almost 1.1 million euros for Médecins sans frontières (2018), 500,000 euros for the Red Cross (2017) and 170,000 euros for Save the children in 2016 (the event was then called Avengers France ).

Some of France’s most popular streamers, including Gotaga, Joueur du grenier, Mister MV and Domingo, had gathered in a hotel in Montpellier at the invitation of Alexandre “Dach” Dachary and Adrien “Zerator” Nougaret, co-organizers of the event. Others, like Squeezie, participated remotely, being unable to make the trip for health reasons.

For three days, they offered a marathon of online video game games, punctuated by challenges and performances, all broadcast on the Twitch platform.

Like last year, the event was hailed by Emmanuel Macron on Twitter: “ # ZEVENT2020, you can be proud! Proud to have mobilized more than 5.7 million euros (a record!) To uphold human rights with Amnesty. Proud to have shown that by being united and in solidarity we can accomplish great things. This unit, let’s feed it! », Declared the President of the Republic.

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