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Sumo wrestling is a famous Japanese sport where trained professionals – called sumo wrestlers – fight to bring down the opponent. The winner must defeat the opponent by tackling him to the ground, or attempt to throw him out of the wrestling ring called a dohyo.

Unlike the people of the Far East, sumo wrestlers have a high body weight and live on a special diet called chankonabe which helps them gain and maintain body mass.

Sumo wrestling soldiers began to gain popularity when sumo wrestling became a sport of Japanese royalty. Gradually, the fighters began to wear typical costumes of precious silk with rich embroidery naming the feud they were serving. The tradition of wearing this typical costume has continued until today. This precious silky costume is called keshÅ -mawashi. However the amateurs, sekitori, wear the same version which is simpler and cheaper and which is referred to as mawashi by the locals.

The white cotton thick waist loincloth is worn during training and colored silk costumes are worn during competition. The Japanese believe that the color determines the luck of the wrestlers, in the case of a match not ending in a triumph for a wrestler whose color could be replaced, to bring good luck to the one who wears it.

The sport has made its way to Europe, America and Australia, but not professionally. People of all ages engage in sumo activities as recreation, it is said to be a fun game. All over the world, companies manufacture and sell clothing that makes a person appear like a heavyweight fighter, in an attempt to resemble the original Japanese soldiers. The inflatable sumo paddy suits also come with a built-in battery-powered fan that continually blows air on the wearer, but not apparently. The costumes are either rented or sold.

A sumo costume is like a long-sleeved neck-to-toe sweater. These toy suits come with padding in the right places to give the effects of curves, bumps and tires similar to a real sumo fighter. The upper front curves look like the warrior’s heavy chest, the lower tire just before the part where the undergarment is designed, inflates, just like the warrior’s belly and swollen arm look fat like a real pro.

The underwear looks like a baby’s darling, from the front and from the back it looks like a thong, with a thicker waistband. People wearing the costumes look bulky and enjoy the experience of bumping into each other which makes them laugh endlessly because of the funny look.

These sumo costumes are available in a variety of colors. The difference between a real sumo wrestler and a person wearing a sumo costume is that the wrestlers are bare waist above, while the toy costume, to ensure safety, not only covers the whole human body, but is also delivered with additional accessories. A complete sumo wrestler suit set includes a typical sumo suit, gloves, moccasins that cover the entire foot, hard hats, neck braces and landing mats.

In the West, the term “sumo” seems to have become jargon to describe anything bulky and seemingly huge. The latest addition Sumo Splash Guard is a water sports accessory which is an oval shaped ball type that features six double strap foam handles with joint pads, an inflatable armrest and a splash proof design to prevent the spray water directly on the swimmer’s face.

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