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The Swedish telecoms regulator has just banned any new installation of Chinese equipment from the companies Huawei and ZTE. A decision that comes one month before the auction for frequencies 5G. In addition, the operators will have to withdraw the equipment of its companies which are installed in the core networks. The deadline is 2025.

Ericsson is Huawei’s biggest rival

China would be a threat to Sweden according to the country’s security services, which fear wiretapping and technological theft. Sweden also happens to be the birthplace of Ericsson, Huawei’s biggest rival and the only one so far capitalizing on its rout.
It is also possible that the country has been pressured by the United States as elsewhere in Europe. The UK and Germany have similar positions to Sweden. France has not officially banned these actors but partially prevents operators to install 5G antennas from Huawei.

The energy and digital minister clarified that no country was specifically targeted. Hard to believe when only Chinese companies are targeted. In any case, this is not going to be easy for the operator Tele2 who launched its 5G mobile network with Huawei hardware in May.

Source: The Financial Times

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