Google has just updated its Chrome browser to version 85. In this new version, Google announces that it has improved several points, in particular with regard to the management of tabs.

With these changes, Chrome would be up to 10% faster to load page content.

A completely revised tab management system

The main new feature of Chrome 85 is its new tab organization system. This new function, tested for several months now on the browser, allows you to reorganize the tabs by creating groups. The goal is of course to reduce the space occupied when dozens of tabs are open in the browser.

Each group of tabs is assigned a name and color and can be expanded or collapsed, to display all open pages.

Chrome users on a touchscreen PC using tablet mode, meanwhile, get a new interface when switching tabs. Chrome now displays a horizontal navigation bar at the top of the window, where tabs are presented as thumbnails of open pages.

On Android this time, when the user tries to go to a page already open in a tab, Chrome will suggest that they go directly to that tab. Note that this function is already active on the desktop version of Chrome.

Another new feature, available for now only in the beta version of the browser, is the ability to display a preview of the tabs open on mouse over. Users will soon no longer have to click on each tab to find the right one.

PDF filling and URL sharing by QR Code

In addition to its big project on tabs, Google is in the process of deploying two features that will be of great service to users. In the coming weeks, users will be able to use the browser to fill out PDF forms and save them directly from Chrome.

Finally, URL sharing on Android has been improved. It is now possible to copy a link and send it to other devices, or share it in other applications more easily.

It is also possible to generate a QR Code which, once scanned, allows direct access to the URL of a page. This function is being deployed on mobile and desktop and is accessible directly from the address bar where a dedicated button has been added.

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