We already knew that TSMC was the leader in the production of chips for third parties and also in the field of engraving fineness – the Taiwanese would have already delivered to Apple the 5 nm chips for future iPhone and other Mac ARMs.

But according to the Taiwanese, who held a symposium in recent days, he would also be the great guru of mastering engraving in extreme ultraviolet (extreme ultraviolet, EUV). TSMC thus claims to own 50% of the machines deployed in the world and to produce more than 60% of the wafers (the silicon wafers on which the processors are produced, ndr).

Far from being a detail, this technology, which took around thirty years to take off, is the ultimate in lithography. A process which exceeds the existing limits by using an “extreme” wavelength which makes it possible on the one hand to reduce the minimum size of the transistors, and on the other hand to reduce the quantity of necessary steps (by limiting the use of masks).

By asserting its dominance not only in the fineness of engraving, but also its mastery of the “process” of the future, TSMC has established itself as an essential master in the production of high added value semiconductors. Its main competitor is Samsung, which is also starting to produce in EUV, as well as Intel, which is experimenting with the process in its fabs in Oregon (USA).

If TSMC offers Taiwan the crown of “king of chip production”, it is nevertheless an “Ode to joy”, the European anthem that should resound, since it is the Dutch company ASML which develops 100% of machines capable of engraving in EUV.

Source : Anandtech

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