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The US president spoke on Sunday of the death of Osama Bin Laden, killed ten years ago in a raid by US special forces. Joe Biden has reaffirmed his desire to withdraw American troops from Afghanistan but ensures that he remains “vigilant” in the face of the threat posed by “terrorist groups”.

US President Joe Biden spoke on Sunday May 2 of the ten years since the death of Osama Bin Laden, killed on 1er May 2011 in Pakistan, during a US Special Forces raid.

“It was a moment that I will never forget,” said the then vice-president of Barack Obama and stood by his side in the “Situation room”, the hyper-secure crisis room in the basement. from the White House, to follow live the operation in Abbottabad, in northern Pakistan, which would lead to the death of the al-Qaeda leader.

Recalling this special moment in his long political career, Joe Biden praised, in a statement, “the members of the intelligence services who had meticulously hunted him down, the clarity of President Barack Obama in making the decision, the talent and the courage of our team in the field “.

Referring to the upcoming withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, the tenant of the White House stressed that the United States would remain “vigilant” against the threat posed by “terrorist groups”.

“We will continue to monitor and act against any threat (to US interests) that emerges from Afghanistan,” he warned.

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