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Vantage Bast Core frames are new to the tennis racket scene! Incredibly soft and arm-friendly, the Vantage Bast Core racquets offer an excellent combination of feel, control and power. It is very rare to find control oriented thin beam frames that offer so much power. And if you’re looking for arm relief, Bast Core frames are the smoothest frames you can buy. Open string patterns offer a lot of effects (for those of you who hit with effects). There are 3 frames in the Bast Core series: 95 square inches / 319 grams, 100 and 105 square inches both at 309 grams. All of them are very light and easy to handle. Players 4.0 and above get the most out of these frameworks. Price: 95 sq “200.00 100 sq” 210.00 105 sq “220.00.

Solinco is a new brand which appeared on the scene in 2010. They have unique high quality strings which are among our best sellers. For players looking for exceptional spin potential and durability, Solinco has a few strings that we think are exceptional. Tour Bite is a fairly soft six-sided polyester string. Players who use this channel comment on how much spin and control they get. Revolution has six faces and plays slightly firmer than Tour Bite. The two strings are available in 4 gauges: 1.15, 1.20, 1.25 and 1.30.

We constantly hear about tennis players complaining of pain in the arm, elbow or wrist. Many times these problems can be contributed to poor technique. But often improper equipment is the culprit.

Snowshoes that are too light and too stiff cause your arm to absorb too much shock. A racquet that is too light is also very unstable and forces you to grip the shaft harder than you should. This causes strain on your arm.

Some of the best selling and most popular frames are notorious arm breakers. Just because you love colors and it’s a replica of what your favorite player uses, doesn’t mean it’s for YOU!

In general, frames that are heavier, more flexible, and lighter on the head are much easier to use on the arms. Of course, this varies from player to player. Be open-minded about this. Most racquet companies are just trying to sell you racquets. This is a quote from a nationally recognized racket and string technician who performs equipment testing for one of the most popular tennis magazines in history. “Go to each company’s website and learn about their technology. But don’t believe everything you read. There is a lot of good paint jobs there.

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