Tesla was the victim of a mysterious case of sabotage at its Fremont factory


It was through an internal email that Tesla Vice President Al Prescott confirmed a sabotage case revealed by Bloomberg. An employee of the Fremont plant, where the Model S, X, Y and 3 are produced, is believed to have been behind several actions to stop the production line. An internal investigation two weeks ago would have put an end to his actions. Tesla is obviously not very talkative on the subject and refuses to give the details of this news item.

According to the elements disclosed by Bloomberg and confirmed by the spokesperson of You’re here, the employee allegedly wanted to erase the evidence of his wrongdoing by trying to destroy his computer and accusing one of his colleagues. He would have finally confessed, admitting his actions and taking the door in stride.
Tesla, who wants to downplay the incident, did not say what his ex-employee was working on and what information he had access to. The manufacturer simply indicated that “Production was back to normal in a few hours”.

A case settled internally

It should also be noted that Tesla did not call on law enforcement to apprehend his insulting employee, nor the FBI, which may be called upon to investigate certain cases of industrial espionage.
The group has also not communicated on its possible intention to sue its employee. In contrast, Prescott’s email is intended to leave no room for doubt and is meant to be threatening to anyone who attempts to attack the company again: “We will take strong action to defend the company and our employees”, he writes.

Indeed, this is not the first case of sabotage at Tesla. In June 2018, Elon Musk himself denounced the theft of a large amount of sensitive data accusing “Organizations that want Tesla to die”. More recently, in August, the CEO of the brand explained that the Tesla factory in Nevada had been the victim of a cyber attack of Russian origin.

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