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Tesla accelerates on the entry of electric game

A Tesla for the price … of a Renault Zoe, is what the CEO of the American company Elon Musk announced. He took advantage of Battery Day to say a little more about an electric vehicle that is expected to sell for around $ 25,000 and could be released by 2023. Renault Zoe, Nissan Leaf and Volkswagen ID.3 can tremble.

Xbox One X drives crazy on Amazon

Who said Microsoft’s line of consoles are complex? Xbox One X or Xbox Series X, we can understand that the uninitiated get lost a bit. Proof of this is this week on Amazon where the interest rate of the Xbox One X, calculated by keyword research, jumped 747%. Why ? Simply because pre-orders for the Xbox Series X kicked off this week and it looks like a lot of people just … got it wrong.

Samsung surprises with its S20 FE

Between Apple and Samsung, it is often said that one is inspired by the other and vice versa. This time, it is the Korean giant who takes an eye on the copy of the American by unveiling an iteration of its Galaxy S20, a little less expensive, but with most of the features. The Galaxy S20 FE therefore, incorporates the same processor, the same screen refresh but with a slightly smaller panel and a slightly less advanced camera. In short, the Galaxy S20 FE is to the Galaxy S20 what the iPhone 11 is to the iPhone 11 Pro.

Gift of the week

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