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If GoPro is untouchable in the field of action cameras, the Chinese Insta360 has succeeded in carving out a place in the 360 ​​° niche thanks in particular to its popular model the One X that we tested. Instax 360 sets the scene again with the One X2, an evolution of its first model.

What remains is the format and the imagery part: it is still a stick format camera and a system of two camera modules capturing a combined 5.7K stream. Still no 60 fps, however, we remain at 30 fps.

The first noticeable changes are material. The camera now incorporates an LCD touch screen for aiming, is water resistant (IPX8, up to -3m), recharges in USB C and benefits from a more enduring battery (1630 mAh). On the audio side, the camera switches from two to four microphones, which not only provide ambisonics or noise reduction, as needed.

On the filming side, instead of just capturing a 360 stream, the Insta360 One X2 now offers four modes: 360 °, Steady Cam, InstaPano and MultiView. The 360 ​​mode speaks for itself, the Steady Cam puts all the electronic resources of the camera on a single module to produce a hyper stabilized flow and the InstaPano captures a panorama with one click.

The most interesting of the new modes is MultiView, which allows each of the modules to capture a separate stream with two different viewing angles. The key feature of the camera to take full advantage of the MultiView is new subject tracking. Pumped up under the banner of AI, the camera’s new algorithms can hold a face within a predetermined cramped frame. As the camera can both capture a very wide landscape shot on one side, and your face in a tight shot on the other.

To all these new functions are added those that already exist, such as real-time broadcasting on social networks (YouTube, Facebook, etc.) or even the assembly of flows, which makes the selfie stick disappear (clearly visible in our videos of the test of the first version.

Weighing in at just 149g, the Insta360 One X2 launches at € 499 with a naked camera.

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