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Tennis can be a tricky sport when you are just starting out. The following 7 rookie mistakes are what I think are the biggest challenges for the novice. Solve these issues and you’ll be improving in no time.

1. Don’t judge the ball

It is very common for a beginner to lack judgment on where the ball is going and how fast it will arrive and play properly. A beginner often thinks that the ball will be shorter than it actually is. They rush towards the ball and as a result hit the ball too hard and are unbalanced when they get there. They don’t realize the balloon will fly deeper.

2. Hitting the ball too hard

Another big challenge for a beginner is how not to hit the ball too hard. They see a bullet and swing on it. A beginner only thinks of connecting with the oncoming ball and he can panic a bit. One of the main reasons they hit too hard is because they don’t have a target. Your arm doesn’t know how much to swing, if you know the distance you can get an idea of ​​how much strength is required.

3. Being too tight

Being too tight is another challenge. When you start to play tennis, you contract too many muscles and you lose that important feeling and you can hit the ball too hard and usually go wrong. So how can you get a little more relaxed? A good tip is to rate your tightness from 1 to 5.5 being very tight and 1 being relaxed and in tune with the current.

4. Stopping the racket at the point of contact

You have to try and learn how to finish tracking your plans. When you find yourself hitting the ball too hard it results in stopping the racquet at the point of contact and not completing the follow-up leading to an ineffective stroke. By doing this, you contract many muscles in your arm as you stop the forward flowing motion and lose control of the ball.

5. How to play with a bow

Another big challenge is to hit the ball in an arc rather than in a straight line The easiest way to hit the ball is to play in a straight line from the ball to the target on the other side, but we want to take the used to play with a bow. The straight line approach can often get the ball into the net. Then, to avoid going into the net, you could well overcompensate and hit it too far, causing the ball to pass over the opponent’s baseline. Of course, you can get lucky every now and then and the ball can fly over the net and land on the pitch, but that won’t always bring results.

6. How to reach the ball in time

Learning to get to the ball on time is another big challenge. If you get to the ball late, you’re still on the move and off-balance, which will obviously affect your shot. We tend to naturally move towards the ball with the minimum speed needed and get there just in time for the shot, but we want to get there faster so that we’re set and ready.

7. Throw the ball regularly in the same place

It can be very difficult to throw the ball to the right spot every time. Sometimes it can go backward, sometimes forward, often too far forward or too high, too low, etc. It makes you lose your balance with the right technique.

So these are the 7 biggest challenges beginners face. In order to become a more competent tennis player, we have to learn to overcome them and work on every aspect to make our game stronger.

Source by Tommy Smith

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