The Best Diet to Get Lean and Defeat Fat Start Here

The Best Diet to Get Lean and Defeat Fat Start Here
The desire for men to lose weight tends to be focused on obtaining a toned and ripped body rather than weight loss. The concept of obtaining six-pack abs is not achieved by exercising more, doing sit-ups and eating less, and understanding the best diet to get lean and burn fat.

The path to getting those six packs is somewhat complicated but easily followed steps. Because the steps are not intricate, or complicated due to the science behind them, and easy to follow. Let this not discourage you. You should be able to reach your goal of getting ripped without hurting yourself if you understand the bodily functions.

Once you understand these functions this will allow you to undertake more extensive exercises and follow the best diet to get lean. Losing weight can be achieved by first losing the Fat mass and toning or firming the free fat mass The idea here is that the percentage of the Fat Mass loss should be greater than the free fat mass. Applying this concept is to slowly maintain or increase the free fat mass while lowering the fat mass.

The human body is made up of 78 % water, 15 % muscle and bones, and about 7% fat. When the body exceeds 7% it creates fat; maintaining the body on this balance or helping to bring it back is a task that one has to monitor

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