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The electric bicycle is booming, and the interest of the French explodes with deconfinement. Whether it is to enjoy rides without sweating, to avoid the crowding of public transport or to reduce the travel time between home and work, the VAE is an interesting alternative to the classic bicycle. The prices of electric bikes vary from a few hundred to several thousand euros. Also, to make your choice better, we offer you a selection of five bikes that have been tested over the past few months and that each embody the new generation of bikes in their own way.

Ecological bonus: up to 500 euros in savings

If the approach of sunny days, the development of an ecological conscience or the desire to avoid public transport are valid reasons to think about the purchase of an electric bike, the economic aid put in place by the state or region also have something to make you take the plunge. In fact, there are currently subsidies that reduce the bill while encouraging the energy transition. First of all, there is the ecological bonus, which is not the easiest to obtain but which is developing in many municipalities. As for Ile-de-France residents, they benefit from substantial assistance since the boost from the Ile-de-France region can go up to 500 euros.

Here are our top 5 best electric bikes:

5 – Cowboy 3 (2020)

The latest version of the Belgian connected bike is a slight evolution of a V2 released in 2019. The Cowboy has not changed aesthetically, nor has it changed much mechanically. Aside from a new, stronger belt and the addition of puncture-proof tires, this electric bike is very similar to its predecessor. On the other hand, the connected part of the bike has become thicker with new features such as fall detection or pollution analysis. Above all, the bike now unlocks automatically as soon as the owner approaches with their smartphone in their pocket. Despite this relatively timid development, the Cowboy 3 retains a major asset, it is one of the most enjoyable pedelecs to drive and arguably the most efficient for urban journeys. Indispensable therefore.

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Note : 8/10

Price : 2290 euros

4 – Cannondale Canvas Neo 1

This motorcycle-like eBike is not just a juggernaut almost capable of intimidating an SUV. Above all, this is a very good achievement from one of the most reliable manufacturers on the market. Apart from a frame recognizable at first glance, Cannondale’s good idea is to equip its Canvas Neo 1 with the best electric motor around, the Bosch Performance Line CX. Very comfortable, despite its dimensions, it would have benefited from a more high-end display, a Kiox for example, to further justify the relatively high price.

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Note : 8/10

Price : 3799 euros

3 – Nakamura E-Summit 710

It’s not just city bikes that are electric or connected. There are also mountain bikes. Unfortunately for the consumer, e-bikes are usually displayed at exorbitant prices. It is therefore necessary to look on the side of supermarkets to find affordable models. This is the case with the Nakamura E-Summit 710, Intersport’s electrically assisted mountain bike. Well designed, well equipped and made in France, it offers unbeatable value for money and a great way to experience electric mountain bikes.

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Note : 8.27 / 10

Price : 999 euros

2 – VanMoof S3 / X3

The VanMoof S3 is arguably one of the most connected bikes in our selection. The application is absolutely central to its use, whether to unlock it, adjust its level of assistance or simply to locate your bike. But the VanMoof is not limited to its app, on the contrary. This is an excellent city bike, comfortable as you want and with solid equipment. The S3, or the X3 (this is a smaller version in size and with a more divisive design) makes a qualitative leap compared to its predecessor. He not only improved his transmission system but finally opted for hydraulic disc brakes. Too bad, however, that he bases his acceleration on a slightly gagged “boost” button, because otherwise he ticks almost all the boxes.

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Note : 8.1 / 10

Price : 1998 euros

1 – Mustache Sunday 29.3

It is the ultimate all-rounder, it can do everything and, above all, does it very well. And for good reason, it is a gravel, in other words a hybrid almost as comfortable on the road as it is on small trails. Its strengths? A magnificent design, certainly, a build quality worthy of the best, and equipment without concessions. The result: with just 19 kg on the scale and one of the best motors from Bosch specialist, it is as agile as it is dynamic. On the other hand, while it is perfect for journeys of more than 10 km which combine several types of road, it is far from a pure city specialist and it cannot be suitable for exclusively urban use.

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Note : 9/10

Price : 3799 euros

Bonus: are you ready for the eBike?

Still not sure whether the electric bike is right for you? A trial offer, on subscription, exists for residents of the Ile-de-France region. Véligo is an interesting proposition since for 40 euros per month, it is possible to have a city bike with electric assistance that is rather well designed and, above all, very well equipped. With mudguards, a luggage rack and a basket as standard as well as the possibility of adding bags and other accessories such as the child seat, the VAE of the IDF region allows you to get an idea of ​​electric bikes before possibly to buy his own. As such, among the bikes we tested, it is the Nakamura E-Fit 150 which is the most credible alternative to Véligo.

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Note : 7.25 / 10

Price : 40 euros / month

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