Which office suite to choose? For many users, “the question is answered quickly” and the choice will fall on the unmistakable Microsoft Office. But while Microsoft’s software suite is very effective, other solutions, often free, exist and offer the same services, sometimes with additional tools.

Discover in the following lines our selection of the best office suites for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS, test them, and choose the one that will best meet your everyday needs.

1. Apple iWork

Apple’s office suite is completely free and includes three software packages: the Pages word processor, the Numbers spreadsheet editor, and the Keynote presentation tool. In its installable version, this software suite is only available for Mac users. However, Apple has declined its three tools in an online version, accessible from any web browser after signing in to its iCloud account, allowing Windows PC users to take advantage of them.

Price: Free

Benefits :
+ Simple, but effective interface
+ Save documents to the cloud
+ Available in mobile applications

– Software and applications installable only on Apple products

2. Google Docs

If you have a Google Account, chances are you are familiar with the various tools in Google’s online office suite. For others, start by creating a Google account. Not only will you enjoy Gmail email, but you’ll also have access to the entire Google ecosystem, including its online office suite. Free, complete, but above all accessible from any web browser, it integrates Google Docs, word processor, Google Sheets, the spreadsheet editor, Slides, the presentation tool and Forms, the creation module of forms, will allow you to cover the majority of your office automation needs.

In addition to saving the documents created on Google Drive, you can also continue to work on your files from your smartphone, Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides are also available on iOS and Android.

Price: Free

Benefits :
+ Possibility to use it offline
+ Available on all platforms
+ Possibility of working with others on the same document

– Having to trust Google
– Internet connection required to enjoy all functions

3. LibreOffice

The Office Suite from The Documents Foundation has nothing more to prove. A very serious alternative to Microsoft Office, this open source office suite (it is based on OpenOffice) includes all the tools you would expect from a professional tool. It thus includes a word processor (Writer), a spreadsheet editor (Calc), a presentation tool (Impress), a drawing application (Draw), a database manager (Base) a formula editor mathematics (Math), as well as a diagramming module (Diagrams). Add to that the possibility of installing a number of extensions and you have THE office suite to adopt if you can do without the Microsoft environment, or if you do not want to invest in a software suite

Price: Free

Benefits :
+ Complete offer
+ Possibility to install extensions
+ Free software, compatible with Office files

– Not available on mobile
– Austere interface
– Compatibility issues with some Office files

4. Microsoft Office

We no longer present Microsoft’s office suite. Massively used in business, it is also a popular tool for individuals. While the tools it incorporates are known to all, Microsoft Office is chargeable and does not include the same software depending on the package chosen. And, to say it right away, the lack of clarity and simplicity of the paid offer is something to put off. Because it is possible to use Office in two ways: by paying a monthly subscription of € 69 for a single user and € 99 for family use (6 people) with all the software in the suite (Word, Excel , PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Access, Publisher) as well as a storage space of 1 TB per person on OneDrive, or as a definitive purchase at 149 € (Family and student, but integrating only Word, Excel and PowerPoint), or at € 299 for the Office Home and Small Business 2019 offer (including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook).

Price: between € 69 and € 299

Benefits :

+ Microsoft updates and tracking
+ Quality of the interface and ease of use
+ Available on mobiles and accessible online
+ Ability to store documents in the cloud

– The price
– Some limited online functions
– Lack of clarity of the different offers

5. Microsoft Office Online

Not many users know this, but Microsoft also offers a free lite version of its office suite, online. Accessible from any web browser, it provides access to the main tools of the suite, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. This online office suite can be accessed from any web browser, provided you have a Microsoft account (free).

Price: Free

Benefits :
+ Free
+ Accessible from any device
+ Real-time collaboration

– Some functions are limited
– Not all Office apps
– Does not work offline

6. OpenOffice

Made famous for its firewall, Open Office is a free office suite developed by Apache. It is on it that LibreOffice is based. We will therefore find the same tools there, namely the Writer word processor, the Calc spreadsheet, the Impress presentation tool, the Base database manager, the Draw drawing module, as well as the Math mathematical formula editor. .

Price: Free

Benefits :
+ Free software
+ Complete solution
+ Compatibility with Microsoft documents

– Old-fashioned interface
– No collaborative work
-Not always effective with large or complex documents, especially Office files


If you are used to using Microsoft’s office suite and are looking for an alternative solution, ONLYOFFICE should be right for you. In its Desktop Editors version, this free office suite is completely free. It brings together the three main tools that can be expected, namely a word processor (Document), a spreadsheet (Workbook) and a presentation tool (Presentation). ONLYOFFICE brings these three tools together in a single interface, a kind of launcher, in which each document opens in a separate tab. Main advantage, you will not increase the number of windows open on your machine.

But where ONLYOFFICE surprises, it is in its interface which mimics Microsoft Office almost perfectly. From the color of the menus to the organization of the tools or the use of a ribbon, everything is there to appeal to Microsoft users looking for a free alternative.

Price: Free

Benefits :
+ Interface very similar to Office
+ The three tools are grouped together in a single window
+ Free software

– Loading of certain documents sometimes slow

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