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With his Find X2 Pro, Oppo had impressed us. This smartphone, which is without doubt the best of the Chinese brand to date, excels in every way and allows us (finally) to see a bright future for Oppo in Europe. The manufacturer only has to reproduce this success on less high-end models since at 1199 euros, the Find X2 Pro is not within reach of all budgets.

With the Find X2 Neo, that’s exactly what Oppo is trying to do. Sold below 700 euros (excluding operator subsidy), this smartphone tries to offer a high-end experience for a more reasonable price. We tested it.

0.8 millimeter thick

The main strength of the Oppo Find X2 Neo is its design. In fact, of all the smartphones we have recently tested, few have convinced us so much. We love the thinness of this device (0.8 millimeter maximum of the thickness of the case), which makes using the mobile very pleasant. Thanks to its screen and curved back, the device seems even thinner in the hand. We also appreciate its weight of 171 grams, a real feat in a world where smartphones now very often exceed 200 grams.

The curved 6.5-inch OLED display of the Oppo Find X2 Neo is one of the brightest on the market (833 cd / m2) according to the measurements of our laboratory. At such a price, it’s just amazing. Too bad the color fidelity by default (Delta E = 4.57) or in soft mode (Delta E = 3.45) is not as satisfactory. Oppo still borders on perfection here.

With a refresh rate of 90 Hz, the Find X2 Neo screen is really very pleasant in terms of navigation. The experience offered by Oppo is very convincing.

A great deal of autonomy

While not equipped with the most capable processor around, the Oppo Find X2 Neo still uses one of Qualcomm’s latest SoCs, the Snapdragon 765G. Natively compatible with 5G (the modem is integrated into the chipset), the latter delivers very good performance and above all has the quality of being energy efficient. Indeed, the smartphone withstood 15:22 hours of our versatile battery life test, which is far more than most of its competitors. In video streaming (12:00 p.m.) and in calls (11:34 p.m.), the Oppo Find X2 Neo is doing well, without breaking records. Either way, that’s more than enough to last a whole day.

It recharges in less than an hour

This good battery life is all the more surprising given that the smartphone has a battery of “only” 4025 mAh, which is not much in a world where 5000 mAh batteries are starting to become the norm. It is thanks to this decision that Oppo was able to make its device so thin and so light … but without sacrificing battery life as we just explained to you.

On the recharging side, the smartphone has VOOC 4.0 technology (not to be confused with the SuperVOOC). The 30W charger supplied with the device recovers 100% of battery life in just 51 minutes, which is enough to allow the Find X2 Neo to integrate our top 10 fastest smartphones to charge (He will soon take 8th position). However, we regret the phone’s lack of compatibility with wireless charging.

ColorOS never ceases to surprise us

Long criticized, ColorOS, the software overlay used by Oppo, has really improved. Very fluid and much easier to use than before, it certainly provides one of the best experiences on the market to date. She will soon abandon Oppo applications for those of Google, which is rather good news given the almost uselessness of the Oppo ecosystem in France compared to that of Google. The brand’s smartphones will be the winners. Unfortunately, this Find X2 Neo is one of the last Oppo devices to use the Chinese brand’s apps by default. It should be possible to opt for Google services, like the menu Discover on the left of the home screen – hopefully – soon.

A very versatile camera

On the back of the Find X2 Neo, there are four cameras. The smartphone’s main sensor, 48 Mpix, is a Sony IMX586 (and not the latest generation IMX689, as on the Find X2 Pro). It is associated with a lens opening at f / 1.7. There is also an 8 Mpix sensor attached to an ultra wide angle and a 13 Mpix sensor associated with a telephoto lens for an optical zoom x2. Finally, the last sensor, more optional, only serves to improve the portrait mode. It is above all a ruse to be able to assert the argument of the quadruple camera module. It is suddenly more seller.

Day or night, the Find X2 Neo does very well. Without offering the same skills as a high-end smartphone (we think in particular of the ultra-far zoom), the device does almost everything without too much difficulty. Night shots might lack light every now and then, but there’s nothing really shocking.

With its Find X2 Neo, Oppo is making good choices in our opinion. Where the brand could have been satisfied with a wide-angle and an ultra-wide angle to reserve the telephoto lens for its Pro model (like at Xiaomi), she made the choice to make her mid-range smartphone just as versatile. So much the better!

256 GB of storage

Finally, it is a habit at Oppo, the smartphone has a lot of internal storage. The 256 GB of the device is very generous and should allow you to store a lot of photos. Unfortunately, it is not possible to expand this space by Micro SD.

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