It’s not just native Apple apps that feature Widgets on the iPhone home screen. Although the arrival of iOS has been faster than expected and has arguably put many developers to the wall, the first updated third-party applications with Widgets compatible with the iOS 14 home screen are starting to land on the App Store.

While there are still relatively few at the time of this writing, we have selected some of the most interesting, smart, and practical widgets for you to download to your iPhone.


The participatory encyclopedia Wikipedia, which will soon sport a new design for the first time in ten years on its web version, has updated its iOS application to integrate iOS 14 compatible Widgets. In total, Wikipedia offers 9 widgets (3 widgets in all sizes), which will allow you to display the photo of the day on your home screen, an event of the day in history, or the most searched article of the day on Wikipedia.

Download Wikipedia for iPhone (Free)


Why connect to the sites of the different carriers to track your packages? Parcel is an all-in-one application that allows you to record the tracking numbers of your packages managed by more than 360 carriers around the world. The app offers a Widget in three sizes, allowing you to track one to four packages without having to open the app or go to the carrier’s site.

Download Parcel for iPhone (Free)


Display a little colorful sticky note on your smartphone screen like you usually do on your desktop? This is what the official Post-it app offers. The application offers a total of four widgets: two to directly display a larger or smaller note on your screen, and two others to display several Post-it notes saved in Favorites.

Download Post-it for iPhone (Free)


If CityMapper is undoubtedly one of the best apps for managing your public transport routes, it has just added three strings to its bow through three widgets. The first allows you to quickly launch a route back to your home, the second to find a route to a specific place as well as to your favorite addresses, and the third, similar to the second, adds a map to allow you to view your location.

Download CityMapper for iPhone (Free)


Would you like to give your iPhone a little Android touch? Google offers in its eponymous application two widgets, in small and medium size, to install on the home screen of your iPhone. The smaller one will allow you to quickly open a search window in Google, while the second, in addition to accessing the search engine, will offer you to quickly launch a query through Google Lens, voice search or allow you to search. open an incognito window.

Download Google for iPhone (Free)


DuckDuckGo, the privacy-friendly search engine, offers a widget available in three sizes. The smaller one will allow you to simply query the search engine, while the other two will also add the ability to quickly access saved favorites in the browser.

Download DuckDuckGo for iPhone (Free)

Documents by Readdle

Readdle’s document manager has put the package on Widgets for iOS 14. It includes no less than twelve divided into four types, each available in three possible sizes. This will allow you to access current music tracks in your playlist, recently managed documents in the application, favorite files and folders, and finally the most used actions in the application. This last widget will allow you, for example, to launch the web browser integrated in Documents, activate the VPN, start a Wi-Fi transfer, etc.

Download Documents by Readdle for iPhone (Free)

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