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Appeared in 2016, the market for “true wireless” headphones has exploded dsince the Berlin IFA 2017. We had already tested several models, but in the face of this tidal wave, we decided to create this top 10. This ranking is essentially based on the tests of the lab, particularly in terms of autonomy and bandwidth.

The latter partly measures the sound quality of the headphones, a first point to which we must of course take care. Battery life can vary from two to more than ten hours from model to model. You should therefore also pay attention to the case that comes with the headphones, which incorporates a battery for recharging them on the fly and now sometimes a wireless charging system.

At least two additional cycles are made possible, enough to compensate for the cycle of use of this type of earpiece, which is still a little low, but very much in the process of improvement.

Finally, note that almost all of the models are in-ear type headphones. They completely block the ear canal. They therefore provide effective passive insulation against environmental noise.

But this type of helmet is not necessarily popular with everyone and can be uncomfortable for some people. We therefore advise you to test one before you crack.

10. Google Pixel Buds 2020

This is the first time that Google has integrated this top 10 with its finally successful Pixel Buds 2020 edition. The brand greatly improves its first copy, with a nice design, quite decent sound quality and a wireless charging box. However, the autonomy (2 hrs 55 mins) still needs to improve vis-à-vis increasingly competitive competition on this point.

Note : 7.99 | Manufacturer price : 199 € | Read The complete test of the Google Pixel Buds 2020

9. Apple AirPods 2019

airpods 2019

If their audio quality has not changed (good, but penalized by the lack of an in-ear system), this second generation of AirPods brings some advantages. Siri is now triggered by simply calling out to him (no more tapping an earpiece), while an inductive charging box is available as an option.

Note : 8.04 | Manufacturer price : 229 € with wireless charging box | Read the full test of AirPods 2019

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8. Beats PowerBeats Pro

powerbeats pro

Two types of users will be delighted by this model. First of all, athletes who will appreciate the hook placed on each earpiece, ensuring they are perfectly held in all positions. Then, those who need a lot of battery life: The PowerBeats Pro hit 10:31 am on a single charge, the best performance in this ranking. Admittedly, their casing is cumbersome, but this is ultimately their only flaw, the sound quality also being the usual image of that of Beats products.

Note : 8.08 | Manufacturer price : 249 € | Read the complete Beats PowerBeats Pro review

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7. Libratone Track Air +


They were one of the good surprises of the past year. The Danish brand specializing in nomadic speakers has succeeded with its first model of true wireless. Compatible with aptX HD, these headphones offer very good sound quality, and further improved using a smartphone equipped with a Qualcomm SoC. The autonomy is quite correct (4:37).

Note : 8.14 | Manufacturer price : 199 € | Read the complete test of the Libratone Track Air +

Find the Libratone Track Air + from 159 euros at Amazon

6. Cambridge Audio Melomania 1

This is the brand that we hadn’t seen coming to the true wireless market. Used to high-end hi-fi, Cambridge Audio delivers here an excellent copy for headphones under 100 euros. Their autonomy (9:20) will let you listen to your music for a long time, even if you can find fault with the comfort.

Note : 8.37 | Manufacturer price : 99 € | Read the complete test of Cambridge Audio Melomania 1

5. Bose SoundSport Free

For its first test in the field of “true wireless” headphones, Bose is full of success. Dedicated to sports use, its SoundSport Free are IPX4 certified to resist sweat. Very comfortable, they hold very well in place and also provide an excellent autonomy of 5:20. The icing on the cake, these headphones deliver a powerful and quite impressive sound, typical of the sound signature of the American brand.

Note: 8.43 | Manufacturer price : 199 € | Read the complete review of Bose SoundSport Free

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4. Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus

With this Plus version, the New York manufacturer improves its excellent MW07s. It is especially in autonomy that the progress is most impressive (8:02), almost tripling its initial capacities. If the noise reduction is not up to the top of the market, the sound quality of these true wireless is one of the best in this top 10.

Note : 8.58 | Manufacturer price : 299 € | Read the complete test of Master & Dynamic MW07 Plus

3. Jabra Elite 75t

The Elite 65t were already excellent, their successors are taking up the torch with panache. If their autonomy is noticeably less good (5:31 instead of 6:27), it remains however very correct. But it is above all on the very flattering sound signature and thanks to an extremely complete application that the Elite 75t score points. The benchmark for true wireless without noise reduction.

Note : 8.60 | Manufacturer price : 179 € | Read the complete review of the Jabra Elite 75t

Find the Jabra Elite 75t from 179 euros at Amazon

2. Sony WF-1000XM3

Sony WF-1000XM3

Sharper than the AirPods Pro, these Sony clearly have more character when it comes to audio. They will be the choice of audiophiles, also thanks to their excellent application which allows many customizations. While the battery life greatly exceeds that of the Apple model (almost 6 hours), the WF-1000XM3 are lagging behind in terms of compactness: both the headphones and the case are much more bulky.

Note : 9.05 | Manufacturer price : 249 € | Read the complete review of the Sony WF-1000XM3

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1. Apple AirPods Pro

airpods pro

It’s hard not to praise Apple’s performance. For its first true wireless in-ear noise reduction, the Cupertino brand ticks all the boxes. More discreet design, good battery life (4 h 48), excellent insulation and a very balanced sound signature. A test move that resonates like a masterstroke.

Note : 9.10 | Manufacturer price : 279 € | Read the full review of Apple AirPods Pro

Find AirPods Pro from 279 euros at Amazon

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