the call time limit will not be reinstated before March 2021


Rejoice, you will be able to continue having endless meetings on Meet. Google no longer plans to limit session time to one hour. In any case, until next year.

Thus, any holder of a personal or professional GMail account can use the videoconferencing service as much as he wishes. However, each video session should not exceed 24 hours. The limitation should not be reinstated until the end of March 2021.

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Google wants to invite itself to the end-of-year festivities

Since the end of the first quarter of 2020, Google has made more and more options and features available to its users, whether or not they have subscribed to a paid account (G Suite).
At the end of April, Google opened the floodgates wide and start but, he integrated Meet to GMail. Enough to make the service accessible to all. In the process, Google announced that the time limit of one hour per video session would not be reinstated until September 30, 2020. That is today. But Mountain View is showing kindness and pushing back the deadline again, as evidenced by the press release below.

“As we are entering a holiday and party period where we usually get together as a family but travel options are limited, we want to continue helping those who use Meet to stay in touch. As a sign of our commitment, from today until March 31, all GMail accounts continue to enjoy unlimited calling time (up to 24 hours) via Meet. “

Finally, since August there has been a rumor that Google may eventually intend to merge its Meet and Duo services in order to consolidate its videoconferencing tools into a single solution.

Source: 9to5Google

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