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The love story between the Cleveland Cavaliers and its star player is incredible, but full of ups and downs.

During those three years there were plenty of situations that could have caused them to give up and move on, but they went on to become the 2016 NBA Champions.

If you want to be successful in your relationships, you can learn a lot from the Cleveland Cavs.

Their journey is very similar to how relationships can be in many cases, and here’s how:

1) The big break. Many years ago, the star player chose to leave Cleveland to try something new. Sometimes in our relationships we argue with the one we love. We tend to walk away in the hope of finding something better. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

2) Humility. In order for the team to function, the star player had to humiliate himself and make the decision to return to a team he had left several years before. When you’re in a relationship, humility is a must. You need to be prepared to admit you’re wrong and sometimes apologize even when you feel like you’re right.

3) There was chemistry. For a relationship to work, everyone needs to come together and be able to play their roles consistently, otherwise the relationship will not work.

4) Injury and pain. During this journey to the championship there have been some hurtful and painful situations that have made many of his players at times useless due to injuries. Relationships can lead to the pain of betrayal, hurtful words, misunderstandings, and many other things that can knock you out and keep you from playing or not playing to your full potential.

5) Time and patience required. For them to win this championship, the Cavs needed time. The first year was the time to meet and get to know each other. The second year, they reached the final, but no championship. After the third try, they did. Relationships are the same way. It takes time to get to know a person. Not everything is focused at the same time, so patience is needed.

6) Passion. The question is “How badly do you want this to work?” The Cleveland Cavs had a passion to win. Despite all their setbacks and a 3-1 deficit in the finals, they were passionate about basketball and winning the championship. In a relationship, you need to be passionate enough about the person and the relationship to make it work. You cannot become selfish and egocentric or you will miss the opportunity to become a champion.

7) Hard work. Nothing of value comes without hard work. The Cavs worked hard for this championship, and they won! If you want your relationships to be successful, you have to be ready to work. It won’t come by saying you want it to work. It won’t come from passion alone either. You have to do your part to make the relationship work.

Like basketball, relationships are complicated and take a lot of time, effort and energy. The Cavs wanted to win the championship and they put the effort over time to make it work. Everyone has played their part and won the right to become champions.

The question is, will you see your relationship as a basketball champion and do what you need to make it work? Or will you give up and make excuses because you didn’t win?

Source by Tiffany Godfrey

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