Systematize checks for badly parked vehicles, yes. Look for any other type of offense, no. In a statement, the National Commission for Informatics and Freedoms (Cnil), published on August 26, warns about these ” bad practices “She noticed” in the field “. Four municipalities were put on formal notice. The trend is on the rise.

Abuse of LAPI is dangerous for data

The use of LAPI-type devices [lecture automatisée des plaques d’immatriculation, NDLR] is authorized as part of the control of the post-parking package (replaces the fine in the event of unpaid parking). On the other hand, the collection and processing of photographs of vehicles, in particular a close-up view of the license plate, for the exercise of police power by the municipalities (in connection with public tranquility or public health) are not authorized in the current state of the regulations », Recalls the data protection officer.

Clearly, municipalities that use these smart cameras are not empowered to allow the police to use photos of these vehicles for anything other than parking. The municipalities abuse it, the CNIL is sounding the alarm.

Use regulated by law since 2009

Thedecree of April 14, 2009, which authorizes automated processing aimed at identifying and prosecuting criminal offenses by municipalities, does not provide for the collection of photographic files. “ In the absence of modification of this decree “, Warns the CNIL, all-out recourse to LAPI is therefore not possible.

Source : Cnil

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