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The American president, who says he is cured of Covid-19, has returned to his campaign habits by giving a meeting on Monday evening in Florida. In this key state, its supporters are more concerned about the opening of the economy than about the health risks linked to the virus. Reportage.

An hour of meeting, a crowd in delirium and a candidate in “great shape”: Donald trump made his comeback on the field, Monday, October 12. The Republican president chose Florida, a key state where the polls are tight, to return to court his electorate, ten days after testing positive for Covid-19. According to his doctor, who gave him several “rapid tests”, he is now negative and is no longer contagious.

“They say I’m immune,” boasted Donald Trump on stage in Sanford, near Orlando. “I feel so strong. I could walk into the crowd, hug everyone in the audience, the men and the beautiful women, with some really slobbering kisses,” he joked. Conversely, he mocked the physical and mental form of Joe Biden, recalling the blunder of the Democrat, who declared himself a candidate “for the Senate” on Monday. “When you’re president, you can’t lock yourself in the basement. It’s risky but you have to get out,” added Donald Trump, referring to his rival’s few months of campaigning at a distance.

After a show faithful to its habits, the supporters of the billionaire are conquered. “He looks in good shape. His voice was great. He’s got a lot of energy: he’s the most energetic president we’ve ever had and he’s not going anywhere. The coronavirus can’t stop Donald Trump. Neither do Democrats, ”says Mike, an Orlando-based entrepreneur.

The mask, a “hoax”

Steve, a former postal service worker who just retired, says he’s “not at all worried” about the pandemic. “I don’t wear a mask, I don’t think it’s effective, it’s a hoax, in my opinion. You don’t wear a mask to escape the flu. However, this virus is less deadly than the flu (c ‘is false, Editor’s note). People die more by writing texts while driving. ” For this supporter of the first hour, Donald Trump has nothing to be ashamed of in relation to the health crisis: “The Covid-19 comes from China, I think it was introduced here voluntarily. And I would not be amazed that the Democrats have something to do with that, “he says.

Patrick, a 27-year-old insurer, wears a t-shirt with a mocking logo: “I would rather have the Covid-19 than the Biden-2020”, we can read. “Joe Biden, it’s for four years. While the virus, I can catch it and live on afterwards. It’s not as big a threat as some people have us believe. I’m young, I I’m healthy. If I catch it I can get rid of it and then come back to my life. If Biden is elected we’re going to be locked up for another three months and forced to follow all these ridiculous rules that keep us apart from others. We must be united, not two meters apart with a mask. “

This famous mask, which very few supporters wore on Monday evening, definitely comes back on the carpet. “The press here wears the mask and that’s not a problem,” said Republican MP Matt Gaetz before Donald Trump took the stage. “But do us a favor,” he continued, looking at the journalists’ platform, “take them off when we win so we can see your faces!”

“Not his fault”

“The cure cannot be worse than the disease,” Donald Trump repeated. The US president pleaded for months to reopen the economy, despite the health risks. Jill, a 41-year-old housekeeper, says the reduction in business has affected her finances. “I had clients begging me to come back before Florida’s economy even reopened,” she recalls. According to her, the president “did a good job, he shut down air links with China very quickly. This pandemic is not his fault, no one has ever had to deal with such a problem before. that it does is for us. “

According to the RealClearPolitics site, Donald Trump is more than ten points behind in national polls by Joe Biden. In Florida, the Democrat is averaging 3.7 points ahead. In the state he won in 2016, the Republican is neglected by some retirees who condemn his handling of the pandemic. Suzanne, a resident of Winter Park, brushes off those numbers with the wave of her hand. “The polls were wrong in the previous presidential election. I don’t believe them. I think Donald Trump is going to be okay with it.” What if he loses anyway? “Then our country will be in a sad state”, predicts this Floridian of 69 years with the mask “Make America Great Again”. She assures us that she will accept defeat only “if it is legitimate.”

Mike, the Orlando entrepreneur, for his part judges that “the only way Donald Trump loses is if the Democrats, those rats, fill the ballot boxes with their mail-order ballots.” A voting method sharply criticized by the president for several weeks. “But Trump will not lose,” Mike assures us, before singing proudly, in the midst of the compact crowd searching for their way after the meeting, the pro-Trump rallying song: “USA! USA! USA!”

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