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The coronavirus pandemic has killed more than one million Europeans. In France, the threshold of 100,000 deaths should be crossed this week, while in the United Kingdom, the situation is improving.

Europe crossed the threshold of one million deaths from Covid-19 on Monday April 12, according to a count made by AFP from reports provided by the health authorities.

The 52 countries and territories of the region (which goes east to Azerbaijan and Russia) have a total of at least 1,000,288 deaths (for 46,496,560 cases), ahead of Latin America and the Caribbean (832 577 deaths), the United States / Canada (585,428 deaths) and Asia (285,824 deaths).

The France surpassed the 99,000 death mark on Monday since the start of the epidemic, and is expected to cross 100,000 this week. The number of patients in intensive care, which continues to increase, now exceeds 5,900.

Brits at the pub

Germany has crossed the threshold of 3 million contaminations. “This third wave is perhaps the hardest,” Chancellor Angela Merkel commented on Monday. Deploring “far too high contamination figures”, the Chancellor, who recently declared herself in favor of national re-containment for a short period, recalled that vaccination was “the most important weapon against the virus”.

For its part, the United Kingdom, confined for the third time in early January, now has less than 3,000 cases and less than 50 deaths per day. The country reached on Monday, a little early, its goal of offering by mid-April at least a first dose of vaccine against the coronavirus to all over 50 years and to the most vulnerable or exposed, a thus assured the government. The British reinvested on Monday the terraces of pubs and hairdressing salons.

Relief in health restrictions are also expected this week in Italy, Ireland, Slovenia and Greece.

WHO warning

The epidemic remains “in full expansion”, however warned Monday the World Health Organization (WHO). “We are currently at a critical point in the pandemic,” said Maria Van Kerkhove, the technical manager within this organization in the fight against Covid-19, as the death toll worldwide approaches three million deaths (2,937,355 deaths).

“The trajectory of this pandemic is expanding rapidly. It is growing exponentially. This is not the situation we want to find ourselves in 16 months after the start of the pandemic, when we have effective control measures”, she argued.

On the good news front, two studies published on Tuesday claim that the “British” variant of the coronavirus does not cause more severe forms of Covid-19, contrary to the findings of previous research, even though they confirm that it is much more contagious than the previous strains.

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