Where is the Surface Neo, from Microsoft ? This laptop PC and its two touch panels have disappeared from the American giant’s website. The Surface Neo benefited from the launch of Surface Laptop Go and the new version of Surface Pro X to discreetly slip away from “future” products.
Its launch has been postponed to 2022, because Microsoft believes that it would take more time to refine its creation. It should be using a new version of Windows, Windows 10X.

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The health crisis has also been there, which must have further complicated the development of this new OS, which we know will first be deployed on single screen laptops and no longer only on dual screen devices.

Canceled or postponed indefinitely? Microsoft simply informed our colleagues at the American site Neowin that:

“We said earlier this year that we are putting the development of Neo on hold for now. And we do not have more information to communicate to you on this subject at the moment. “

Either way, it would be a shame if Microsoft abandoned this project because the first dual-screen laptops – even folding – are starting to be available for pre-order. The PC world is taking the same turn as that of smartphones and Microsoft is aware of this: the Surface Duo is on sale in the United States for a few days…

Source: Neowin

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