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End-to-end encryption banned from WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram? This is the draft resolution that the Council of the European Union (EU), bringing together the ministers of each member state, adopted this Friday, November 6. This would force secure messaging operators to allow intelligence services to access the content exchanged through privileged access, reveals the Austrian media, cited by the Digital Factory.

How? ‘Or’ What ? This would require the implementation of backdoors (literally backdoors) allowing a third party to access conversations without the user knowing. The objective: to strengthen the fight against terrorism.

In the document to which only the Austrian media had access, the Council justifies the implementation of the process as follows: the EU must guarantee the capacity of competent security and criminal justice authorities to exercise legal powers online and offline […] There are cases where encryption makes the analysis of the content of communications […] extremely difficult or practically impossible despite the fact that access to this data would be legal “.

According to, the draft resolution has yet to be approved by the Standing Committee for Operational Cooperation in Internal Security (COSI) on 19 November. Then it must be presented to the Permanent Representatives Committee six days later, on 25 November. As with most legislative acts, this text will also have to be adopted by the European Parliament. The legislative process is still long, but the desire to decipher is there.

Sources : via The digital factory

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