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Patience, Google will have to make a good supply of it. The European Commission in charge of examining the the acquisition of Fitbit by the world’s biggest web search engine has decided to take a little longer to deliver its final verdict. A decision was expected for the end of the year but it was postponed for a few weeks, until January 8, 2021.

Yet a few weeks ago Google had provided additional guarantees to the European Union, assuring him that it was not to buy data but the products of Fitbit, in order to increase its catalog of connected objects under Android.

Always more guarantees to be provided to a very prudent regulator

Even after the hearings of the main competitors of the two brands which had led Europe to ask for certain details again from Google, the latter was quick to provide them and to make some more concessions. Concessions which did not seem sufficient for competition or consumers but which seemed to satisfy the European authorities. Google is keen that this affair can be brought to an end quickly … at least on this side of the Atlantic.

Across the Atlantic, precisely, Google is still under investigation by the American competition authorities regarding this takeover. Even on its land, the Mountain View giant is waiting for the green light to finalize this takeover, initiated in november 2019 and for which Google has put $ 2.1 billion on the table.

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