With the PS5, Sony would have created the most imposing console of all generations. same the Xbox One premier cru wouldn’t fit his ankle. The next PlayStation is a monster of power, as we know, and his size is like this.

Passed to the height of the Taiwanese authorities (Taiwan’s National Communications Commission or NCC) for pre-marketing validations, the console, its base and cables were photographed from all angles to be approved. Photos which were then grouped together in a document and published on the NCC website as required by the procedure.

Images that aroused the astonishment of players on social networks. Already mocked right after Sony unveiled it, the PlayStation 5 is once again drawing criticism for its curves and size. Some take offense, others announce that they will cancel their pre-order because they do not see themselves put such an item in their living room, etc.

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To believe that all these players did not take the time to study the dimensions of the console – yet given by Sony just after the conference last Wednesday night – before throwing themselves on their keyboard to try to find a model still available for pre-order. The color had however been clearly announced by Sony, who did not take any offense.

In the first official images alone, the size of the controller in relation to that of the case left no doubt as to the height of the PS5: its thickness and depth would necessarily go hand in hand. It will therefore stand proudly next to the TV or will come to compete with a possible Home Cinema amplifier in the cabinet under the small skylight.

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