Thursday October 1

The auction is over. Bouygues Telecom, Free Mobile, SFR * and Orange have succeeded in aligning themselves with the 11 frequency blocks offered by Arcep. In the end, Orange wins four blocks (90 MHz), SFR three (80 MHz), Bouygues Telecom and Free Mobile two (70 MHz).

The procedure took place at an express speed since it only lasted three days. After 17 rounds, the auction reached the final sum of 2.8 billion euros. This is much less than in Italy or Germany where they had reached peaks of 6.5 billion euros.

Source: Le Figaro

Wednesday September 30

The four operators did not move an inch during this second day of auction. They still total 13 blocks for only 11 available blocks. The procedure therefore continues.

Orange is asking for 5 more blocks, Bouygues Telecom and SFR * three, Free two. Except this time, the bill is starting to grow longer. This day of September 30 saw eight rounds follow one another against four yesterday. In the end, the amount of a block reached 111 million euros tonight. The increment between rounds remains set at three million euros. The auction will resume tomorrow morning at 114 million euros.

Tuesday September 29

Orange attacks hard from day one 5G auctions in the 3.5 GHz band. Arcep reports that it claimed five 10 MHz blocks, the maximum of what it was entitled to apply. SFR * comes in second, tied with Bouygues Telecom, with three blocks. Free Mobile plays the discreet with only two blocks requested.

A question of strategy

Difficult to know if these operators really want the number of blocks displayed because they each have developed a strategy 5G. Some may attempt to drive up the prices so that their competitors cannot keep up. Others may wish to start muted and ramp up later.

Auctions resume tomorrow at 90 million euros

Unsurprisingly, the cumulative demand of the four major operators has outstripped supply. More precisely, we count three blocks too many compared to the 11 available blocks. It will therefore be necessary to start the procedure again tomorrow. The price of a block rose from 70 million to 85 million euros in one day after four rounds with an additional 5 million euros each time.

Probably to limit the overbidding, Arcep announced tonight that the value of the increment between two rounds will only be 3 million euros during the day tomorrow. But the auction will resume at 90 million euros per block.

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