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The Blues drew against Portugal (0-0) on Sunday, four years after the Portuguese victory against the Blues in the Euro-2016 final, and eight months before returning to the Seleçao at the next European Championship .

Not sharp enough, the France team conceded a draw against Portugal (0-0), Sunday, October 11 in Saint-Denis. A League of Nations match four years after the Portuguese victory against the Blues in the final of Euro-2016, and eight months before finding the Seleçao at the next European Championship.

The Blues, who were able to muzzle superstar Cristiano Ronaldo but failed to break through the Portuguese wall, remain co-leaders of their League of Nations group, ahead of the Portuguese on goal difference.

Revenge for later

“There is the quality on both sides, it could have changed. We took the upper hand in the second half when we were higher, but without managing to create a lot of difference, like them”, summed up M6 coach Didier Deschamps , unfortunate finalist of Euro-2016 against the gang of “CR7”.

This time around, there was no Eder in the Portuguese ranks to tip the game on the wrong side. There was no overtime either to tip him over, or thousands of spectators to make him pant, restrictions oblige.

There was, however, an impeccable Hugo Lloris to deflect a strike from Ronaldo at the last minute and prevent the Blues from another stinging defeat.

After 90 minutes of a more physical than technical fight where the European champions will have looked the world champions in the eye, it was therefore necessary to postpone the revenge for later.

PSG prodigy Kylian Mbappé would no doubt have liked to strike a blow against his youth model Ronaldo, but he had too few opportunities to hope for anything better, four days after his goal in of the offensive festival against Ukraine in a friendly (7-1).

The first place in the League of Nations group therefore remains in possession of the Seleçao on goal difference, and the Blues will not have the right to make mistakes, Wednesday, against Croatia in Zagreb.

The return match in Lisbon, on November 14, will be even more crucial because it already promises to be a group final, and because the winner will take a clear ascendancy over the loser before the reunion that will follow behind, on June 23, 2021 in closing of group F of the Euro.

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