While many people don’t plan to work from anything other than their computer, working from a mobile is nothing short of impossible – on the contrary. Despite an admittedly smaller screen size, the smartphone can, on the move, provide many services when it comes to performing certain tasks.

While writing a 100-page report or editing spreadsheets of several hundred lines is obviously not an option, the simplest tasks can undoubtedly be done from the screen of your smartphone.

In the following lines, you will find a selection of applications which, in our opinion, are essential on a smartphone used for work.

1. Office suites

For most people, using a smartphone for work is unthinkable. However, writing a draft letter or report, correcting mistakes spotted in a document, or quickly editing the latter to add an idea before forgetting it can be done very easily from the screen of your mobile terminal.

If you use Microsoft tools in your work environment, moreover with a Microsoft 365 account, you will be able to find your usual applications as well as your work files, especially if they are stored on OneDrive. And Microsoft leaves the choice to the user. The Redmond firm thus offers its complete office suite in a single application, Office mobile, but also offers the possibility of downloading only the various applications that compose it individually, and this on both iOS and Android.

Office mobile will have all the advantage, in addition to integrating Word, Excel and PowerPoint, of offering its Notes module (Sticky Notes under Windows 10), as well as several tools that will allow you to avoid the multiplication of productivity. Office Mobile comes with the Office Lens scanner, can generate text or a table from a photo, and let you sign your PDFs.

Download Office Mobile for Android (Free)
Download Microsoft Word for Android (Free)

Download Microsoft PowerPoint for Android (Free)
Download Microsoft Excel for Android (Free)

Download Office Mobile for iPhone (Free)
Download Microsoft Word for iPhone (Free)
Download Microsoft Excel for iPhone (Free)
Download Microsoft PowerPoint for iPhone (Free)

Alternatively, the various tools in Google’s office suite will allow users with a Gmail account to create, edit and manage all documents stored on the account in Google Drive. Google does not offer any solution combining the different tools of its online office suite, it will be imperative, if you use each of the tools, to download them individually to your smartphone.

Download Google Docs for Android (Free)
Download Google Sheets for Android (Free)
Download Google Slides for Android (Free)

Download Google Docs for iPhone (Free)
Download Google Sheets for iPhone (Free)
Download Google Slides for iPhone (Free)

2. Note-taking applications

Not everyone needs to carry an office suite on their smartphone. On the other hand, having on hand a note-taking tool capable of synchronizing on different platforms will do a lot of service.

Whether it’s to quickly jot down ideas, or start writing a report, note-taking apps are one of the essential tools on smartphones. These digital notebooks can contain both written notes and images, annotations, etc.

While it remains difficult to recommend one note-taking application over another (tastes and colors …), the choice will have to be made according to your work environment or certain specific needs. People with a Microsoft 365 subscription therefore have every incentive to opt for OneNote (even though Microsoft’s application is free and available to everyone). They will be able to synchronize their notes with their professional account.

Download OneNote for Android (Free)
Download OneNote for iPhone (Free)

Likewise, if you have a Google account and mainly use the various tools offered by the American giant, choosing Google Keep makes sense, as notes created in Google’s application can be easily sent to Google Docs.

Download Google Keep for Android (Free)
Download Google Keep for iPhone (Free)

Again, it’s all about taste (and habits), and the best part is still to test the different solutions and the options they offer to make up your mind on choosing a note-taking app. Among the alternatives to Google and Microsoft, the very serious Evernote, whose reputation is well established, offers an interface as simple as it is efficient and will allow you to write, take notes in various forms (texts, sketches, photos, audio, etc.). All of the notes are synced so you can easily find them on other platforms.

Download Evernote for Android (Free)
Download Evernote for iPhone (Free)

Finally, you can also try Simplenote, an application renowned for its ultra simple and no-frills interface. Don’t wait until you can do more than just enter text, however, Simplenote lives up to its name and keeps it to the bare minimum – taking notes as text.

Download Simplenote for Android (Free)
Download Simplenote for iPhone (Free)

3. Document scanners

Wait until you are in the office or back home to use the multifunction printer to scan a paper document? Unless you need a very high quality document, this should be a thing of the past. Scanning documents can now be done easily and in ample quality using your smartphone.

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Dedicated applications such as Office Lens, Genius Scan, and Adobe Scan will allow you to scan multipage documents using your mobile device’s camera.

Each of these applications is capable of straightening ill-fitting document captures. The generated files, in PDF format, can then be shared very easily by email or even be stored in the cloud. Best of all, you’ll even be able to extract text from scanned documents, each with an integrated optical character recognition (OCR) module.

Download Office Lens for Android (Free)
Download Office Lens for iPhone (Free)

Download Genius Scan for Android (Free)
Download Genius Scan for iPhone (Free)

Download Adobe Scan for Android (Free)
Download Adobe Scan for iPhone (Free)

4. Video conferencing solutions

Keeping in touch with colleagues and attending remote meetings have become essential in recent months. The massive adoption of telecommuting and the abandonment of social interactions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus have prompted workers to resort to video conferencing tools to maintain some semblance of a professional relationship.

Again, depending on the requirements of your business, recommending one application over another remains difficult.

The simplest of these, Jitsi Meet, is free and open source. Accessible from any web browser, it is also available in the form of mobile applications. It does not impose any limit on the number of users, does not require any account or registration and most importantly, offers encryption by default.

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However, there are other solutions, such as Google Meet (250 participants maximum) or Zoom (100 participants maximum), which will again have to be tried to decide on the most suitable tool for your business needs.

Download Jitsi Meet for Android (Free)
Download Jitsi Meet for iPhone (Free)

Download Google Meet for Android (Free)
Download Google Meet for iPhone (Free)

Download Zoom for Android (Free)
Download Zoom for iPhone (Free)

5. Collaborative communication apps

Access to a communication application combining instant messaging, audio and video calls and the ability to create private chat channels between several team members is now essential.

Formerly reserved for Microsoft 365 subscribers only, Microsoft Teams is now available to everyone for free. Microsoft’s tool allows two or more private conversations to be held, the creation of discussion channels where ideas, files, documents and other content can be exchanged, as well as the efficient management of projects.

Teams, which can also be used to participate in audio or video meetings, also integrates with other tools, including of course those from Microsoft.

Download Microsoft Teams for Android (Free)
Download Microsoft Teams for iPhone (Free)

There are other alternatives, however. Slack, a solution similar to Teams, has a free version for small teams. It therefore only allows access to the 10,000 last published messages, offers a dozen integrations with other applications (Google Drive, Microsoft 365, etc.) and only allows you to make audio and video calls between two collaborators.

Download Slack for Android (Free)
Download Slack for iPhone (Free)

And if, however, these first two solutions do not satisfy you, you may find what you are looking for with Discord. Formerly reserved for an audience of gamers, the application has attracted a much wider target.

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The application is free and also allows you to create chat rooms, text or voice, with the ability to assign roles with more or less responsibilities for each user in the room.

Download Discord for Android (Free)
Download Discord for iPhone (Free)

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