Calling is no longer an obsolete practice. This use has even seen an unprecedented rise since the beginning of the year, according to a study by the telecoms gendarme.

Arcep had already noted the boom in voice traffic in the first quarter of 2020, which had grown 14% in one year, due to the success of mobile networks. But the health crisis has further amplified the phenomenon. The second quarter reached a record level for 20 years, accumulating 72.2 billion minutes on the phone, an increase of 28.3% in one year. Recall that the trend was previously downward because of the fixed telephone which has been declining inexorably for seven years.

The incredible return of the landline

It is the mobile networks that are, unsurprisingly, the most in demand since eight minutes out of ten are spent from a mobile phone. Communications remained primarily national during this second quarter due to border closures. It should be noted in passing that data traffic continues to increase with an average which now stands at 10.2 GB per month per French person.

The fixed network is making an incredible comeback, recording an increase of 22% in one year compared to a decline of 15% the previous year. The consumption of subscribers increases by half an hour this second quarter.

Only SMS continue to dive. Their decline is 23%, probably accentuated by the drop in roaming and the triumph of instant messaging such as WhatsApp.

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