Uncertainty remained about the possibility of exceptional theatrical release in France of the event film Mulan by Disney this fall. The studio definitively rejects this option to favor distribution directly on video on Disney + as in the rest of the world. Surprise, our country will benefit from a preferential treatment, since French users of the platform will be able to view this content at no additional cost, as the announcement Variety.

No advanced date

However, the French will not have access to the feature film from September 4, the date of its global launch. And no deadline has been specified. In the United Kingdom, the VoD rate has been set at $ 26, which is lower than the price of $ 29.99 that will apply in the United States. The $ 26 would be valid in most European countries.

This decision concerning our country seems enigmatic. On the one hand, Disney avoids getting trapped by the media timeline. But on the other hand, it provokes the anger of avid blockbuster operators to revive cinema attendance. And it is not by avoiding making French users pay for its streaming service that he will be reconciled with the profession.

Source: Variety

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