Using a connected watch on a daily basis is good, but if this watch turns out to be all-terrain with very rich features, it is even better. This is what the Garmin Instinct offers, which goes from 299 euros to 179 euros at Amazon, as part of Prime Day which runs until Wednesday evening. This connected watch has a very resistant case and screen, which means it meets the US military standard 810 in terms of resistance to heat, shock and water – it is also waterproof up to ‘100 meters deep. The Garmin Instinct is intended for athletes who want to accurately measure their performance, but also for physical and extreme activity enthusiasts in general.

This smartwatch features a heart rate sensor, a stress tracking system, various sports applications, ABC sensors that are particularly useful on the move, as well as a trackback route generator that prevents you from getting lost, wherever you are. Once paired with your smartphone, it allows you to access many notifications directly from your wrist. At less than 200 euros, the Garmin Instinct is a very attractive connected object which should appeal to the most active users.

The Garmin Instinct connected watch at 179 euros at Amazon

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