Which 2.5 inch consumer SSD offers the most storage capacity? Two months ago, Samsung won with its 8TB 870 QVO SSD. But the Taiwanese manufacturer TeamGroup has just taken its place by announcing a 2.5-inch 15.3 TB SSD!

This is not the largest capacity in 2.5 inches since, for example, the Samsung’s PM1643 exceeds 30 TB. But the latter is aimed at businesses while TeamGroup’s is aimed at the general public.

The QX SSD uses QLC flash memory (four data bits per cell) and a traditional Sata interface. It can therefore be installed in any PC with a 2.5 inch slot. Its speeds are average with 560 MB / s reading and 480 MB / s writing. On the other hand, its high capacity allows to obtain an excellent endurance: 2560 TB written guaranteed during the life of the SSD.

There remains the problem of the price. It will cost $ 3,990 to acquire the 15TB QX. At $ 900, the Samsung’s 870 QVO 8TB is significantly more affordable.

Source : Teamgroup press release

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