During the health crisis, the Google Maps tools for obtaining information on certain places, such as rush hour times, were very successful. The engagement rate for these functions increased by more than 50% between March and May.

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Faced with this interest, Google has extended the display of this information in real time to millions of places and plans to multiply the number of places concerned by five compared to June 2020. In addition to the places already covered, Google plans to expand the availability of this information to more essential places (small grocery stores, gas station, laundromats, etc.), and more outdoor places like parks and beaches.

The display of this information will no longer be restricted to the places you are specifically looking for. On iOS, Android and desktop, Google Maps will display the level of attendance at each location directly on the map, by displaying a larger or smaller red dot depending on the attendance.

The user will even be able to take advantage of this live information when searching for a route in the application.

Finally, in the coming months, Android and iOS users who have become accustomed to searching for places using Live View, the augmented reality display of Google Maps, will be able to directly view information on the establishments around their location. position.

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