Considered the benchmark for limousines, the S class is entering its 7th generation. The rival of Audi A8 and others BMW 7 Series renews itself with an impressive dose of technology on board. This 2020 version of the luxury car wants to embody what Mercedes does the best in its cars and therefore incorporates a host of features, which will also be deployed later on the other ranges in the catalog. Externally, the evolution of the S-Class is quite subtle. First, the car is very long (5.18 m in its “short” version and 5.29 m in the large version). Up front, the cosmetic changes are quite light with thinner lines. It’s the rear that changes the most with a more rounded, less sporty but still very clean styling.

To see a more striking change, you have to climb aboard this S-class and discover a dashboard that has been completely revised. The instrumentation screen retains its previous size of 12.3 inches. On the other hand, the central screen changes position to end up lower on the column, like a Tesla Model 3. This screen (11.9 or 12.8 inches depending on the level of finish) will be the main interface for the main parameters of the car, whether it is the atmosphere on board or the suspension settings. The number of buttons in the cabin continues to decrease as the MBUX voice assistant progresses. Now, whoever activates by saying the famous “Hey Mercedes” works throughout the cabin and understands the controls regardless of each passenger’s seat in the front or back.

Head-up display in augmented reality

This device is completed by an impressive heads-up display, in augmented reality, directly projected onto the windshield. Finally, Mercedes particularly insists on comfort on board. This involves in particular the presence of 19 motors, placed in the seats, at the controls of the various ventilation or massage programs. Finally, for the audio part, the S-Class has opted for a Burmester system, which should not hold any unpleasant surprises.

The impressive technical device of the S-class contrasts with the timidity of the engines available. Indeed, in addition to the traditional diesel (350d and 400d), a mild-hybrid version will be offered in gasoline and … that’s about it. To find traces of a plug-in hybrid version, it will be necessary to wait until 2021.

Indeed, the PHEV versions of the S-Class will arrive a year after the first launches (planned for this end of the year) and the German manufacturer offers very little information on this model. Mercedes keeps one promise: an electric range of 100 km. As for prices, the German manufacturer has not yet opened reservations but should communicate them in the coming weeks.

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