Twice a year, when the transfer window opens, the football world goes crazy with players switching football clubs, newspapers and websites around the world speculating on the latest superstars playing the game of musical chairs. .

While some big name transfers such as Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer from Manchester United to Real Madrid have finally come to the expected conclusions, a transfer has caught my eye this season. That of Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s passage from Italian champion Inter Milan to Spanish and Champions League winner in Barcelona, ​​Samuel Eto’o going in the opposite direction.

Now Ibrahimovic is not a bad player and may in his time be one of the best players on the planet. But it didn’t live up to its huge hype in my opinion. Who can forget the 2 Champions League matches against Manchester United last season when he was practically anonymous?

Samuel Eto’o, meanwhile, turned out to be one of the world’s deadliest strikers. Only 28 years old, he has his best years ahead of him and unlike Ibrahimovic, does not choke on the big stage. Keep in mind that it was his goal in last season’s Champions League final that put Barcelona on their way to victory.

In addition to the player swap, Inter Milan also received a transfer fee of 45 million euros. I have no idea how it was done but Inter manager Jose Mourinho surely had to negotiate the best deal of the season. Or do Barcelona know something we don’t know? Only time will tell.

Source by Roger Cruz

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