The new Chromecast is definitely full of surprises. Listed for sale a few hours before its announcement, it is already revealing some of its secrets. The first is not to appeal to gamers since the small Box 4K is not compatible with Stadia, Google’s video game streaming service.

Formalized yesterday at the Pixel event, the box doped with Google TV (forget Android TV) looks very promising on paper but this hole in his CV could be detrimental to him. This is the reason why Google chose to comment on this absence explaining to our colleagues of The Verge that Stadia would arrive in an update, in the first part of 2021.

Apple TV Plus also missing

Our American colleagues also explain that they have managed to launch Stadia on the new Chromecast via sideloading (via the APK of the application).
This alternative solution works but is obviously not optimized for the new gadget. This is also what the Google teams answer to justify this strange absence at launch. Porting Stadia to Chromecast would require more time and especially optimizations to avoid, for example, latency in games.

It should be noted that Stadia is not the only brand absent at the launch of the Chromecast. Future owners of the Box 4K won’t find Apple TV + there either, at least for now. But unlike Stadia, which is an in-house platform, the lack of a competing service is much less surprising.

Source: The Verge

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