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The idyll between Tesla and Intel would come to an end. The automaker is said to be on the verge of changing the graphics cards used for the MCU (Media Control Unit), i.e. Model S and other Model 3 infotainment system.
This is AMD, with its Navi 23, which would be expected to be integrated into the brand’s future vehicles. As a reminder, the on-board system for the MCU is different from the one that manages the FSD and therefore the car’s Autopilot. This more particular chip is produced by Tesla directly.

The rumor of a GPU change was relayed by Patrick Schur, a leaker known for the quality of his information about AMD. But the original tweet containing the evidence for his claim was later deleted. The engineer explained that the documents he initially showed could have directly compromised his source.

Not easy to understand the MCU

This possible switch is just one more illustration of the difficulties Tesla is having with his MCU. Originally, and until 2018, the first version of the system used Nvidia chips, the Tegra 2 and 3. This system combined with the flash memory provided by SK Hynix left only good memories among the first owners of Model S and Model X.
This is why Tesla has decided to turn its back on Nvidia to source Atom chips from Intel. A little more than two years after this decision the problems still exist and some users complain of a frozen or turned off screen which would make their vehicle difficult to use.
Last June, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (the equivalent of the national road safety agency) opened an investigation into the MCU problems of Tesla manufactured between 2011 and 2015. This investigation was opened after a class action lawsuit was launched on May 13, 2020 by a dozen owners.

In addition to this GPU change, Tesla has also acknowledged in recent hours the existence of problems with the on-board computer of its vehicles and now offers owners of Model S and Model X manufactured before 2018 to repair the defective part of the vehicle free of charge. their vehicle.

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