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Racecourse ground: Wrexham

The Racecourse in Wrexham in North East Wales is the oldest international football stadium in the world and has been the site of some of British football’s most historic memories. The following article details the fascinating history of the stadium.

The Racecourse (“Y Cae Ras” in Welsh) is the long-term headquarters of the Wrexham Football Club which currently plies its trade in the Blue Square Premier league, the racetrack is the largest stadium in this league with a capacity of 15,000 , however this figure is currently reduced to 10,500 due to the closure of the kop stand awaiting renovation to make it a place for all seats. In early 2010, the Crusaders moved to Wrexham and now use The Racecourse Ground as a base.

In the 1800s, the ground belonged to the Wrexham Cricket Club and was a venue for cricket and horse racing (hence the name of the ground). In 1872, the Wrexham Football Club was born and the field therefore became a football stadium. At that time, however, it was less of a “stadium” due to the lack of facilities. The first stand to be built was the terraced kop in the 1950s, which is the oldest part of the land. The current Away Fan Stand (Eric Roberts Builders Stand) was built in 1978 after Wrexham’s most successful period on the pitch. At that time, the projectors had already been installed for a long time. In 1999, the land was brought back to current standards with the completion of a modernly designed 3,500 seat stand including a restaurant and bar. The current capacity of 15,000 is eclipsed by the record attendance record of 35,000 to watch an FA Cup draw against Manchester United in the 1950s.

The most distinctive fact about the racetrack is that it is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest international football stadium currently in use. Over the years it has hosted many Wales international matches which means the call of the big names around the world to gracing the locker room at the racecourse is long and distinguished. The racecourse was the place where Wales beat England 4-1 in the local nations tournament at the time, a game still often mentioned and featured in television programs. Likewise, the racecourse pitch is featured every year on the FA Cup third round weekend after being the site of the biggest FA Cup giant murder of all time when Wrexham defeated the current champions of Arsenal league 2-1 in 1990.

The pitch is no stranger to European football at the club level either, Wrexham has had many adventures in the European Cup Winners’ Cup and in recent years Welsh teams Bangor City and Total Network Solutions have used the site for their European meetings.

The racetrack ground is also a favorite rugby business. Currently the home of rugby league team “The Crusaders”, it has also been used by Rugby Union region “The Scarlets” and has hosted Rugby World Cup and International Rugby matches. Union.

The future of the racetrack ground is that the owners of the Wrexham Football Clubs plan to redevelop the pitch behind the upper end of the pitch as student accommodation while rebuilding the kop into a multi-purpose stand. The future may be different from the past, but the history and memories of the earth are sure to live on forever.

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