the Pasteur Institute announces the end of its main vaccine project, not effective enough


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The Institut Pasteur announced on Monday that it was stopping the development of its main vaccine project against Covid-19, because the first tests showed that it was less effective than expected.

After the difficulties of Sanofi, those of the Pasteur Institute. This French actor in the fight against Covid-19 announced, in a press release published on Monday January 25, abandoning development of his main vaccine project he had been working on for months.

“Following interim results from a phase I clinical trial, the Institut Pasteur is halting the development of one of its vaccine candidates, the one based on the measles vaccine virus,” explains the private French foundation. And to continue: “This decision does not call into question the continuation of the research undertaken on two other candidate vaccines based on different methodologies.”

Another French player, the Sanofi laboratory, announced in December that his vaccine was late and would not be ready until the end of 2021, due to less good results than expected.

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