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Sony’s DualSense and its hidden talents

It was a video posted on Twitter by a Nintendo Switch user that piqued the curiosity of internet users. The Playstation 5 DualSense controller is well compatible with several devices, from the Switch to Android smartphones and PCs running Windows 10.

Better yet, another video shows that the DualSense can be recognized as a Switch Pro controller, allowing you to reconfigure the buttons to suit your games and preferences. The ease of pairing the PS5 controller is a real plus. However, the specific functions of the DualSense, such as the tactile part and the haptic feedback, remain reserved for the Sony console and cannot be configured on another device.

Harley Davidson on a bicycle

The legendary motorcycle manufacturer continues its turn between modernity and tradition and has just unveiled the Serial 1, the first electrically assisted bicycle from the American firm. After designing a 100% electric motorcycle, presented at CES in Las Vegas in 2019, the manufacturer continues to surprise. The Serial 1 nevertheless remains in the vintage spirit of the brand, since the design of the bike is directly inspired by the Mobile 1, the first motorcycle to come out of the Milwaukee factories in 1903, the year Harley Davidson was created.

Curvy, with a leather saddle and the iconic white tires that have made the success of the manufacturer, the design of the Harley Davidson VAE is very high-end. The bike could be marketed next spring, if the health situation allows it.

AirCar, the car that flies like a cuckoo

In the rest of the news this week, also find images of a flying vehicle already operational: the AirCar, developed by the Slovak company KleinVision. The first flight tests were successful, the company explains. Part car, part plane, this 140 horsepower motor car can go from one configuration to another in just three minutes. The rear of the vehicle extends in flight mode to allow the wings to unfold.

According to the manufacturer, the AirCar weighs 1100kg and has a flight range of around 1,000 kilometers. The craft can take off on very short runways and reach 200 km / h at top speed. The AirCar is not the first prototype flying vehicle, some brands like Uber, Hyundai or even Porsche are working on similar models, in particular to develop flying taxis. However, the images remain impressive.

This week, in The Snap, also find the update of the Spotify application for Apple Watch, the legal victory of Uber and Lyft in California, but also the mockery of Samsung towards Apple in the campaigns to promote its Galaxy Z Fold 2.

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