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With the arrival of iPhone 12 Pro, Apple has removed the Model 11 Pro from its catalog. However, copies are still available on some online sales sites and there is a price drop of up to 10% compared to the initial price.

Thus, Rue du Commerce makes the following offers:

  • iPhone 11 Pro 64 GB: 1059 euros instead of 1159 euros.
  • iPhone 11 Pro 256 GB: 1199 euros instead of 1329 euros.
  • iPhone 11 Pro 512 GB: 1,429 euros instead of 1,559 euros.
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max 64 GB: 1,129 euros instead of 1,259 euros.
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max 256 GB: 1319 euros instead of 1429 euros.
  • iPhone 11 Pro 512 GB: 1,549 euros instead of 1,659 euros.

Find here these offers from Rue du Commerce

To find even cheaper, you have to go to Amazon which is currently doing a one-off promotion on the iPhone 11 Pro 64 GB: 955 euros for the Green Night version.

Find here this Amazon offer

There is therefore a start to drop in price, but it is not yet very significant. If you are looking for the right deal, it will take patience. Take the case of the iPhone XS and look at the evolution of its price with this graph produced by the site Le Dénicheur:

The iPhone XS 64 GB saw a slight price drop about a month after its release, but it took a year and four months for its average price to drop significantly and sustainably: less than 650 euros against 1159 euros at launch. .

We will therefore have to wait to see if the iPhone 11 Pro will experience the same fate. Certainly, it is currently possible to find the iPhone 11 Pro 64 GB at 840 euros on Rakuten, but you have to order from an Italian seller.

The promotions mentioned in this article may be ephemeral and may no longer be valid after the publication date of the article.

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