The Raspberry Pi receives a new operating system: Fedora IoT


The Raspberry Pi is gaining more and more importance in the computing world, and the $ 40 mini-computer is now fully supported by the GNU / Linux Fedora distribution. The special Internet of Things version “Fedora IoT” is now an official distribution of Fedora, an IT division of Red Hat / IBM.

This support for the Raspberry Pi by the computing juggernaut should allow the small all-in-one computer to continue its development in the professional world.
Initially dedicated to the education community and hobbyists, the ever greater potential of the Raspberry Pi makes it a platform of choice for prototyping – for industrial use, obviously stronger boards are needed.

If the Raspberry Pi had already conquered the hearts of hackers, hackers and others retrogamers, here it could be a success on a whole new scale.

Source : Liliputing and Fedora

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