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What is the correct footwork for a tennis player? How to move well on the tennis court? I will try to answer these questions in order to help you improve your tennis game.

Tennis movements are very varied and there are many different ways to move around a tennis court. Tennis is a complex activity that involves movements in all directions to reach the balls but also to recover. The best tennis players are those who use good technique in their movements but also those who are able to do it very quickly.

First, a tennis player must perform a split step before each shot. This division step is performed while the opponent hits the ball. It’s a very small, short jump that allows you to be on the balls of your feet in a wide stance. The player will then be ready to move in any direction. This is the basis for good footwork. A split step should be taken before each stroke and allows the player to be light on their feet and ready to move towards the ball.

A tennis player rarely takes more than 4 steps to get to the ball. It is therefore very important to be explosive and quick in the first steps. Depending on where the ball will bounce, the player will have to move in a different way. Being able to read your opponent’s shot is a key to moving well.

If the ball is going to bounce next to you, one step sideways is usually enough to get you in the right positions. If the ball is deep, you will need to back up very quickly to hit the ball as you go forward. If you are late you will still be off balance while hitting and the shot will not be effective.

For most strokes, the player will need to move 3 steps towards the backhand or forehand. The most effective way is to move forward diagonally to the ball. After the split test, step forward with the front leg in the direction of the ball and at the same time push off the ground with the opposite foot. This will allow you to have an explosive and rapid first step. Once the lead leg is back on the floor, push hard on the floor and bring your other leg out in front of you, then sit up and you should be able to hit an effective blow.

If you must run for a short ball, just after the split step, explode forward and avoid taking a step back. This is a common mistake that costs time. Your first step should be forward in the direction of the ball.

Moving towards the ball is one thing, but now you have to recover well to be ready for the next shot. The most effective way after a shot is to cross and then back up. It’s much faster and more efficient than just sideways steps to recover.

All of these different steps require good coordination and of course they must be practiced. Many tennis players could be much better if they used correct technique as they move towards the ball and recover. The best way to train movements is with agility training on the court. Moving to a cone, casting a shadow, and recovering at the starting point are good exercises for improving movement. Because there are no tennis balls involved, the player can really focus on their movements and learn the right technique. After a while he won’t think about it anymore, it will be automatic and then he can use it with live bullets.

Source by Patrick Muller

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