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The roles of match officers in modern football cannot be compromised given their importance to the success of a match. From their appointment to their individual character, care must be taken to ensure that the right people are appointed to command a match.

As part of their qualities, they must have a solid knowledge of the laws of the game and the rules governing any competition. The ability to make quick, accurate decisions and to maintain good behavior is the hallmark of a good match commissioner. He also has to be brave and daring, especially when a game gets out of hand.

five specific roles

  • conduct a joint inspection of the playing field before the start of a game
  • The condition of a soccer field is very important in a soccer match. Soggy or unmarked ground may not be suitable for a standard football game. The land must also have a perimeter fence to avoid any encroachment.

  • ensure that the host team has adequate security in place
  • Safety is one of the most important aspects of football, as violence can erupt during the game. The presence of mobile and regular police officers cannot therefore be compromised. The match commissioner has a duty to insist that the match be interrupted if there is no adequate security for the match officials.

  • chairs the meeting of referees and officials of both teams before the start of a match
  • A meeting of all stakeholders usually takes place in the morning before the game kicks off. Some commonly discussed issues include safety, medicine, the colors of the shirt to be used by both teams and a general warning from match officials on the need to observe the spirit of fair play before, during and after the match. . This meeting is usually chaired by the match commissioner.

  • ensure that unauthorized people or objects do not enter the pitch or the stadium
  • It is the duty of the match commissioner to ensure that the match venue is free of unauthorized persons and objects during the match. He watches the game in a good position and observes the performance of the referee and his assistants.

  • submit a detailed report
  • He submits a detailed match report to the competent football authority within 48 hours of the match. The report will include virtually everything that happened before, during and after the game. In conclusion, he must ensure that the match officials receive their rights from the organizers in accordance with the provisions and regulations of the match.

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