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The game of rugby has seen its rules changed and evolved so many times over the years that it is now very different from what it started out, but if you decide to go out and watch a rugby match you will be wondering What’s going on … so here are the basics of rugby.

Rugby is a match played in two 40-minute halves, with a 10-minute break at half-time. Each team has 15 players and is entitled to 7 substitutes. The positions are as follows:

* 2 accessories

* Whore

* 2 lockers

* 2 flankers

* 8th man

* Half melee

* Half-fly

* 2 side wings

* 2 centers

* Back

The field on which rugby is played is called the Pitch. It is a grassy field 70 meters wide by 100 meters long and also separated into two equal halves by a white line.

Scoring is done in one of the following 5 ways.

* Try

When a player touches the ball on the ground in the opponent’s end zone, his team gets 5 points.

* Penalty test

A player may attempt a penalty when a player has scored a try but has been stopped by an opponent’s penalty. It is worth 5 points.

* Conversion goal

The conversion goal is attempted after a team scores a try, a conversion goal is worth 2 points.

* Penalty

Whenever a penalty is pronounced, the team that has been penalized may attempt a penalty. If the kick is taken, that team gets 3 points.

* Objective abandoned

An abandoned goal is when a player returns the ball after a drop kick during general play.

General game

Just like in American football, rugby begins with a kickoff which is called a drop kick.

Unlike American football, however, there is no bottom, no 10m to be achieved, the game is continuous. The game doesn’t stop when the ball hits the ground, it’s fair play. overtaking is authorized but it must be done either laterally or towards the rear, overtaking forward is not permitted. However, any player can kick the ball at any time, and once the ball has been kicked, it can be grabbed from either side. players often use this method to send the ball across the field to their teammates. Players can also throw the ball until one of two things happens, either being tackled or going out of bounds.

When a player goes out of bounds, he is put back into play by a method called “line out”, the two teams line up 1 meter apart in parallel lines and a player on the side who has not. not put the ball out of play. Throws it in a straight line between the two teams.

When a player is tackled, the other method of putting the ball back into play is called “scrum”, this is done by each team forming a tunnel and the ball is placed between them, each side must fight for the ball against them. other teams. line until a player is able to push the ball back with his feet towards his teammates behind him in the “tunnel”. If you think it sounds a lot like American football, well, it’s the forerunner of American football’s “line of scrimmage”.

And that’s it, the basics of rugby, so go ahead and play !!

Source by Steve Brodsky

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